Wednesday, 21 May 2014

SO-WHERE-TO Indeed! Titbits from an Art Lover, on Samson in Soweto @Nexdor Vilakazi Street

The Soweto Art Scene is a phoenix that continues to rise above the grit of Contemporary African Living.
This was the logical progression, at the opening of the Samson in Soweto Exhibition @Nexdor Vilakazi Street last Thursday evening. 

Mashumi Arts Projects orchestrated the perfect tapestry to engage the dynamic Soweto Art Scene, with the event attracting an audience from just around the corner, and even further than that, from seasoned lovers of art to industry newbies.

Grolsch and Nederberg kept the bubblies under, as crisp new conversations sprung from canvasses riddled with indigenous code and spiritual dialect.

Samson Mnisi's offering is a celestial flight through time and space, a quantum cosmic embrace between spirit and form. 
Some of the pieces broke away completely from form,  to elevated hues, of blue galaxies where stars and ideas are born, while others created from a combination of paint, oils and mud, explored the density and gravity of form. 
This interplay of polarities provided an enchanting visual narrative. 

The showcase that delighted and ignited patrons, was skilfully arranged by the curatorial genius of Zanele Mashumi of Mashumi Art Projects.

For those of you that missed the opening, there is hope yet for spiritual and creative elevation. The Show runs until the end of June 2014. Come through and engage one of many Soweto Art Industry offerings to the global contemporary art  lanscape.

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